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Terms of payment

We want you to always feel safe when you choose to shop with us. We have therefore chosen to offer only tested and secure payment options. When paying by invoice and instalment payment, the package is always sent to the registered address in order to avoid fraud. Any attempts of fraud will be reported to the police.

Payment Options 

You can choose between the following payment options: 

Payment by card 

When you choose to pay by card you need to enter the card number, card expiration date and CVC code that is found on the back of the card.

Shipping costs 

For orders under 79,90 EUR = 7 EUR. For orders above 79,90 EUR = Free shipping.


We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is a protocol for secure data transmission over the Internet (or other networks). 
A protocol is a set of rules and procedures on how information (data) should be treated. SSL protocol processes the data through an encryption process. This is done to make the data unreadable during transmission between the two computers. When data is received by the recipient, SSL "puts together" the data in its original order, and checks so that the sender is correct (Server Authentication) and verifies that the data hasn't been altered in transit (message integrity).

Incorrectly entered address 

If an incorrect or incomplete address is entered it can lead to the order being returned to Gymsector. This may mean additional costs being attributed to the customer. We therefore recommend that the customer always ensures that his/her address is correct and complete. When the order is placed, you can no longer change address or billing information.